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The Big Index




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Gigs and Prices Find out what is coming up, with a brief synopsis of the next show (uses frames)
Gigs See just a list of what is coming up and ticket prices (no frames)
Book Now
Book a ticket, or two, or three...or more, for an upcoming gig here.

Change a ticket Already booked and need to alter your ticket? Do it here.
Never Booked Before If you have never booked before here is what happens in practise
Late Bookings Please do not book after 6 p.m., it causes problems. Read what they are here.
Home Page The page, where generally, it all begins
How to find us! How to find us, and leave us, by car, train, bus, foot and taxi
Why pre-book? Given that nobody pays until they arrive why should you tell us you are coming...easy really, you might not get in!!
Disabled/Seating Are we a fully "disabled" venue? Is there level access? Can I save a table?
Guestbook Leave your own comments, "great venue", "great sound" "real ale" etc. Tell us what you think!!
Reviews Write a "full" review of a gig you have been to, let others know what the band(s) you see are like.
F.A.Q. Before you fire off an e-mail to ask if we sell food, if under 18's are allowed in, what time we open etc. see this page, somebody has probably asked already.
Contact Need to get in touch? Here's how. Phone, or e-mail we are waiting to hear from you.
Pictures What is the place like? Is there a car park? What can I expect? Have a look around here
Common Mistakes Bookings are made ONLY on the forms. Why? What happens if you just e-mail them in?? See the mistakes others make, and make sure you don't do the same??
Tropic' Blog Every week a newsletter is sent out, you can read it here if you are not on the mailing list.
Mailing List If you book you go on our e-mail list, but if you want to just go on it anyway complete this little form. If you want to come off the list at any time, just tell us.
Come off mailing If you would rather not hear from us just complete this little form and you will be zapped.
Local Hotels Want to stay overnight locally? We have researched the most suitable local places for you
Past gigs Do you want to know who you have missed? Have a look here, with links to videos of many of the acts.
Badge Gigs In 2014 we launched the "Badge" gigs, what is all that about??
Tropic T Shirts From time to time we have Tropic' T-Shirts for sale, see if we have any now.
Tropic' Mugs The ultimate present for a loved one - get a Tropic' At Ruislip tea mug
Personal Page If you are a regular and book a long way in advance you can get your very own booking page which will show who you have booked for, so you do not forget and can check
Drummer Jokes All our e-mails end with a joke to lighten your day, in 2013 we ran a series of jokes about drummers, here they all are.
DANGER joke A joke so dangerous we dare not include it in the e-mail, you have been warned. You should NOT be eating when viewing.
Lost Property If you have been to a gig and left something there, this is what you need to do to try and get it back.
Tropic' History The story of how Tropic At Ruislip came to exist as it does
Site Search Still cannot find what you are looking for?? Search the whole site here
SKA/Paul Fox Go here for details of the occasional SKA nights put on by the club themselves and the annual Paul Fox night
Artiste Info If you are in a band playing at Tropic at Ruislip then here is all the information you need regarding gear access, stage size, directions, hotels locally, timings etc.



The Big Index

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