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This is a review of the VENUE that is known as the Boom Boom Club and is at Sutton United FC.

Date of visit- 30th December 2009
Band seen- Four Bills and a Ben
Admission cost- 10
Number in (Wednesday evening) around 200.

Now as my partner in crime at Ruislip, George McFall (George McFall sadly died in October 2010), was also a partner in the Boom Boom Club with Pete Feenstra you can expect me to give this place a really really good review, so as not to upset him. Well you thought wrong. I am going to tell it as it is......

The Boom Boom Club is located in the main bar (Times Lounge) in Sutton United Football Club, a rectangular room with a bar at one end and the stage at the other. The stage is a temporary structure taken down when not required in the room. It is a good size but flexes slightly when called in to action, with the result that some microphone stands can develop a mind of their own!!

Getting there by public transport is fairly easy, West Sutton Station is literally next to the venue and the 413 bus stops at the bottom of the car park, getting home again after the gig however, if you are travelling any distance by public transport, is very poor. You would have to check your own journey out on the TFL web site (Where Sutton United Football Club goes in as a "Place of interest") but with the last train in to London leaving from West Sutton at just after 10.30 you would have to rely on a bus to get you to the tube network if that is where you needed to be, and timing wise this will tend to put you on to "last trains", so there is little room for error!! However, if you elect to drive, there is a massive car park.

You enter via a small porch in to the "Times Lounge" where, on entry, you are confronted by the mixing desk (well on the occasion I was there - I understand it is not always just inside the door). Entry is level so the venue is OK for disabled, although I do not recall seeing a full "Toilet for the Disabled", check with the venue if it is a requirement. Moving in to the main room the bar is to your right , with the stage at the opposite end of the room. The bar is excellent. Well staffed and a range of real ales as well as the usual suspects in the lager and keg range. It is not however cheap, but not as bad as central London. my pint of Bombardier was served in a (reasonable) plastic glass. I have to say that it was worth every penny however, as the taste of it was excellent!! More please.....

Seating is available, although I think this is adjusted depending on how many are expected and the band that is on, on the night I was there it was very limited. The audience on the night I attended was aged 40+ in general and the atmosphere very convivial. 

The sound is excellent, the usual two large stacks either side of the stage and there are normally lights, but these take the form of three large coloured units either side of the stage, there is no "light show" unless the band bring their own/own pa. Acoustically the room is about perfect, so much so that you can just about be heard at the bar!!!

Smokers are not really catered for, you just go outside, although there is a covered cycle rack on the opposite side of the car park to the doors which maybe works as a shelter??

To sum up, great room, great beer, great everything apart from the rotten public transport home after is closes.

I hate The Boom Boom Club, but only because I cannot go often enough as it is a long way from home for me.....!!!

Review by Philip - http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk


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