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A few of the comments we have had from our customers......
if you wish to comment just send an e-mail

Many thanks for all the hard work you do so that many others can enjoy such a great venue. Many years ago my favourite venue was St Albans city hall. And I have seen many great bands there.
I last came along to see Virgil, Gabriel and the new bassist the other Friday as VATA are one of my favourite bands and I love to size and friendly atmosphere of the Tropic.

All very good, my friends and I think "Tropic" is a great venue.  (Perhaps you could make the stage higher, or fit air conditioning though!!!!!!!!!!!!!) TH

Well done for instilling ' the show must go on ' convention at Ruislip last Friday (due to poor weather). I really wanted to come myself but could not change my shift hours with any of my colleagues. I'm glad it went well and am quite annoyed I was not there. The regulars will repay you for such efforts in the future.

I am so glad the venue is popular. I have been to all the previous ones from the The Rayners onwards. 

The Ruislip has a unique 'club-like' atmosphere. I'm sure 2010 will prove that the Ruislip is a ' Friday night regular ' for a lot of people.
D B. Northolt.

Tropic is a great addition to the local events "calendar". Easy to get to, friendly staff and bands, great music, reasonably priced drinks and always a good night out! What more could you ask for?

Keep on rocking guys. You are doing a great job bringing live music to the area. You have no idea how much many of us out there appreciate your hard work, dedication and effort. The death of the Rayners was bad news. We are now moving in the right direction after a couple of barren years. Cheers to you both.

The Tropic is a brilliant venue and has given me a much sought after quality live music venue within an easy drive. I just hope it continues without getting so successful that it gets too packed (Never The Bride was about right).

Friday nights is the best night for me, at the end of the week but doesn't affect weekend arrangements so I'm more likely to attend. Having some decent beer is icing on the cake. Keep up the good work, it's really appreciated.

Tropic has become very popular in short space of time. Long may it continue. Keep up the good work. Much appreciated.

I really enjoy my evenings at Tropic.  It's a great find and we have persuaded several friends to come along at various times.  Friendly staff, nice environment, easy parking, clean loos!!

Really enjoy my nights at "The Tropic" and thank my brother for letting me know about it. I wish I knew about it for longer as I have missed some good nights. Its nice to hear live music in a small venue where you can get a good pint at a good price, get food if your hungry and not have to fight your way to the "bog".  All in all  a great venue. Long may it continue. Its also nice to see the younger generation enjoying music with us "older people"

...as I said it's a great evening. Lots of parking, pleasant crowds (no yobs) cheap booze, clean toilets, quick service, good sound production, ...

I think it's great to have this venue so local to me. I'm hoping to persuade my daughter who is about to turn 18 to come with me sometimes and bring her mates. I know they'd love it. Thanks for the great music and please don't close.

Keep up the great work. It's been a very long time in replacing the Rayners with a venue that is even better.
It's also nearer for me, has top bands, Real Ale, friendly staff and regulars and a great atmosphere. I couldn't ask for much more.

If you are into seriously good live music and great real ale and very enjoyable company, get to the Tropic every weekend and blow away the pain of a hard working week. JB

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