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Booking Tickets

To reserve a ticket for an upcoming gig please go to our Ticket Booking Form

To alter an existing booking please go to our Change A Booking Form

Other reasons

If you are a band and have questions about facilities or access see the band info page

If you are a customer and have any "normal" questions please the the FAQ page

If you want to contact Tropic At Ruislip regarding any aspect other than booking a ticket and your question has not been covered by the links above then the best way, by a million miles, is to send a regular e-mail to admin@tropicatruislip.co.uk

You can ring Tropic At Ruislip on 020 8707 2256 to reserve tickets - if you opt to ring that number please be warned it is often manned by a machine. If you are a band looking for a gig DO NOT RING, send an e-mail.




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