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You can read a review of Martin Turner plays the music of Wishbone Ash here

I have never seen a CSN tribute before and I knew it would be superb, as you have to be to pull it off. (Marrakesh Express)

I very rarely purchase tribute band CD's, but it was such a fantastic night, I did not want to ever forget it. The album, Marrakesh Express, Find The Cost Of Freedom, is a wonderful tribute to Crosby Stills and Nash and The Byrds.

The band's HK Audio Elements Smart Base PA rig was perfect for the occasion and the seated arrangement gave everyone a great view of the band. The standing ovation at the end showed a great respect for the performance. I hope they come back again.

The Tropic at Ruislip is easily the best local venue for top quality live music, decent real ale, great company and a great atmosphere

This was the 3rd time I have seen The Honeyslides at The Tropic. The first time I went out of curiosity to see how any band could possibly play Neil Young and get away with it. I was totally blown away! The second time, it was no longer a surprise but they were even better, surely not possible! Last Friday, no messing, as rocked it right from the off and for the best part of two and a half hours without a break, save for a few acoustic numbers to slow things down half way. For anyone who thinks Neil Young is dull and boring you must catch the Honeyslides, as 'Like a Hurricane'- 'you will keep getting blown away!'


I've always been fond of the Tropic at Ruislip. It's a cosy, friendly venue, run by a top guy who runs a tight ship with the best of order....well done Phil. The clientele changes depending on who you go to see. As with many of these type of venues, you will see a lot of tribute bands on the listings and although not my night of choice, it drags in the punters. Let's not be sniffy about this, most people like a good sing along after a hard week at work and if you can't see Pink Floyd, Rush or Michael Bublé for a tenner, what's the harm in the next best thing.

Last night however was a very different kind of night. Last night was a night of 'proper' original music by the very talented Chantel McGregor. No wigs or pseudonyms on show here (although the bass player had a mighty impressive barnet), just honest, fresh from the page tunes, played in a no nonsense, come and get it fashion. I'd never seen Chantel before, but had been through an extensive material familiarisation programme over the last few weeks. Not just so I knew the new stuff, but just because it is so damn good. Every time I tried to change the CD in the car or switch artists on Uncle Spotify, it just kept creeping back, pinning me to the wall.

Before I became familiar with the material, I was under the misconception that Chantel was one of the current crop of Blonde Blues chicks, which are very much the fashion at the moment, but I was wrong. Sure, she can play and sing the blues and she does it well, but there is so much more. This ladies heart is obviously rooted in progressive rock and some of the new material is complex, thoughtful and extremely well executed. The fact that she saw Steven Wilson on both nights at the Albert Hall earlier this week, bears testimony to the fact. Lots of musical references to the great Mr Wilson and Porcupine Tree run through her work, but with an original tilt. Most impressive.

So in one week I have seen two excellent young British artists in the form of Chantel and Laurence Jones, confirming that the next generation of talent is well established. But it all depends on you to give them your support.

So, the next time you are setting off to see someone in a Brian May wig, or four blokes dressed as Sergeant Pepper, think again and go and see someone doing it for real.

Use it or lose it.

Latest reviews are at the TOP

A superb Sunday at The Tropic At Ruislip. The very intricate music of Steely Dan played with a pure passion by Stanley Dee. All of the solos where greatly appreciated by the good turn-out, especially Darren Spicer on guitar. Superb vocals, harmonies, horn section and rock-solid rhythm section. The mainly seated Sunday setting and their own PA was perfect for this great gig. Many thanks to Philip and Dave and all of the hard working bar staff who make this great venue such a pleasure to be in for top quality live music.

Really great night at The Tropic At Ruislip with The Zimmermen. Bob Dylan wrote so many songs that other people sang and played. To hear them performed in an "upbeat" celebration style, was just magic. The turn out was small, but thanks to Philip's creative table arrangements, we filled the dance floor and made enough noise to make the band feel very welcome at "Roo Slip". ( Not sure if that was a Geordie or Australian accent from the acoustic guitarist/singer ). To all of those regulars that didn't turn out, you missed a really great sing-along party atmosphere, in what turned out to be a "Sunday setting" with the band's own small PA.

WOW,WOW..what an amazing night of almost 4 hours of flawless, Pink Floyd (The Floyd Effect) music played with great feeling, passion and humour! I have seen them 5 times now at The Tropic and seen many great bands too but this was undoubtedly the BEST and the sound was incredible too. I had run out of superlatives after the first set and it just got better and better! We are privileged to see such a great band in our own back yard in Ruislip and for only 15 quid, an absolute bargain! The only bad part was it had to end! I just hope it won't be another year before they are back. The next time must be an all nighter?

What an amazing band. Great to hear some older less popular Floyd songs. Musically excellent and I have to say that they did the best version of "Great Gig in the Sky" that I've heard, the girls absolutely nailed it. Eat your heart out Claire Torry.

Cheers Phil and the gang for another great night. get 'em (The Floyd Effect) back and soon.

I’ve been listening to tribute bands for the last thirty years but ‘Cloudbusting’ was, by far, the best.

Superb vocal arrangements in tribute to a very distinctive and versatile singer, excellent choice of material, solid, dedicated backing from the other musicians, a real passion for the music of Kate Bush and a genuine camaraderie amongst the band.

Her rendition of ‘This Woman’s Work’ was mind-blowing and sung with great poignancy.



An impulse made me decide to see this act (Classic Clapton) amongst all the other good Acts you book.

I was not disappointed. (Never ignore your instincts!). Sheer bliss. Mike is dead ringer for Eric and sounds like him too. I thought that the sound was clean and so accurately reproduced the originals numbers. Really tight band and vocals. It awoke memories as a teenager listening to the Yardbirds and John Mayall BB in particular. Music at that stage in life reflected how you felt at a time when you struggled to get to grips and describe your own feelings and express yourself. The music says it all.

I put it down as probably the best night I have attended at the Tropic and believe me I have attended some good ones. Best £10 I have ever spent.

The band communicated well and in warm way with the audience. It is a shame we will never see them again at the Topic so to do so it will mean a long trip to the land of my father to see them in their own back yard.

What a great night. I agree with your comments for me it was up there with Bravado, Honeyslides, StillMarillion and a few other of the great evenings, whilst their musical excellence reminded me of Stanley Dee.

Endorphinmachine (Prince tribute) - Friday 6 February 2015 – Tropic at Ruislip – I'm glad to be alive.

The reason that Prince is a musical genius is that he is a musical genius wherever he chooses to be. How do you want him to play a guitar – he can do it – heavy/melodic/swing/blues – it doesn't matter he can bring it on. You want pop – Raspberry Beret;  soul – The Most Beautiful Girl in the World;  Funk –  Get on the Boat;  Rock – Let's go Crazy; Anthems – Purple Rain;  Humour – Darling Nikki;  Dance –  anything. 

Nothing can compare to Prince, but Endorphinmachine you took us on a journey.  We travelled because of the brilliance of your musicianship; the brilliance of the music of Prince and the realization that we were falling deeply in love with each other. 

And as we danced the night away I furtively looked at the clock at the back of the room – hands moving towards midnight. I'm thinking: stop; stop turning; stop the world; I need to stay here.

I woke up the next morning Endorphinmachine wasn't there – thank you for a funky time – no, needed to phone – December will be fine. (Thank you Phil for getting them again so soon).

Martin Turner playing the music of WISHBONE ASH, Friday, 2nd January, 2015, was the first gig of the year and the first LIVE DATE at Tropic @ Ruislip of the Bona Fide "ASH" Legend. Martin was the founding original member of the much loved and enduring WISHBONE ASH from the Golden Age of British Rock and to see an ATF (all time favourite) on home turf and virtually on your door-step was a great thrill.

The history and legacy of Wishbone Ash is hugely influential, setting the template for bands such as Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden to follow (although Maiden being Maiden had to go one better, eventually).

The current line up features Martin on lead vocals and bass, Ray Hatfield and Danny Wilson on lead guitars and backing vocals and Tim Brown on drums. The quartet played a stirring set of CLASSIC ASH songs, performed with great skill, subtlety, finesse and feeling - the twin lead guitar harmonies and vocals being out of this world! It was one of those nights when you quickly run out of superlatives. Fantastic!

The setlist contained tunes from the early albums such as the eponymous "Wishbone Ash" "Pilgrimage", the legendary "Argus", "Wishbone Four" and also "There's the Rub". These showcased towering performances of Blind Eye, Warrior, The King Will Come, plus less frequently played Lullaby and Persephone, to name but a few. First half closer was the brilliant Blowin' Free and then later on the monumental Phoenix (surely the inspiration for Skynyrd's Freebird and Zep's Stairway?) Martin engaged the audience with great professionalism, easy charm, and good humour; well, apart form the bad Santa joke (as Phil would say "you had to be there").

Finally, this was the best concert I have seen at Tropic since it's inception in early 2009 (and I've seen lots of them). To my mind it was just about the perfect gig. First Fridays will never be the same again-- this has taken it to a different level. Well done and keep up the good work. We are all now Dancing with Mr.D!

Wow! Three extremely talented young musicians (Virgil and the Accelerators), combine to serve up a staggeringly good evening of spellbinding music! Never heard of them? Will not be too much longer before you hear a whole lot about them. Their music is a fusion of the very best of Blues, Rock and Jazz, from the late sixties right up to date. Serving up a blend of iconic artists, Stevie Ray, Hendrix, Herbie Hancock to the fore, played out Allman Brothers fashion, extended jams, that wrap the audience up, and draw you in...superb!

Crucially!! They are no tribute band! These guys are very much in the hear and now, playing their own material, tracks so good, it's hard to believe they are so young!

Never heard of them? You will!

Virgil and the Accelerators debut gig at Tropic @ Ruislip, Friday, 5th September, 2014, was a real Red Letter Day! A definite "WOW" (but not in a Kate Bush kind of way), this was Blues Rock at it's absolute finest.
Virgil McMahon is a fantastic guitar player and together with some powerhouse drumming from his brother Gabriel and the rock solid Bass playing of Jack Timmis, they form a formidable group that re-defines the hackneyed phrase "Power Trio".

Inevitably, the focus falls on Virgil and his incendiary solo runs which absolutely rake the stratosphere. Allied to a deftness and delicacy of touch on quieter pieces, a rapt audience were held in thrall so that you could almost hear a pin drop. Superb!

A collection of home grown original songs displayed a diverse number of influences; Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter and Jimi Hendrix, to name but a few and a witty 'steal' from the Strolling Bones "Miss You" raised a smile or three. The gig ended with a stunning encore version of Hendrix's "Are You Experienced" that VATA made their own.

It's a mark of a great band that their playing can almost make time stand still and a two hour show seemed to go by in a flash. These boys are that good! Really, really 24 carat.

Finally, I'd like to say that Virgil and the Accelerators are welcome back to Rue-slip (sic) anytime. Remember, remember, the 5th of September - I certainly will, it was a privilege to say "I was there".

I had the privilege of seeing and hearing Virgil and the Accelerators at the Tropic At Ruislip last night. An absolutely awesome gig. the depth, diversity and quality of the music was of the highest quality. The variances in tempo supplemented by the different influences they have taken on board meant we were always totally immersed in what they were playing and unable to perceive where the music was going next. Virgil's talent as lead was amply supported by Jack on Bass and the awesome powerhouse that was Gabriel on drums. Superb Guys. We hope to see you in "Rueslip" again real soon. Thanks, EEL

SABBATH -worshipping, larynx lashing, tonsil trashing, tub thumping, bass pumping, plank spanking, guitar shredding, riff-tastic....SNOWBLIND. Awesome!!

What a superb night at The Tropic At Ruislip with The Pat McManus Band. I went home with 3 CD's. I have never seen anyone before, blow away a Gary Moore signature track and show so much respect for the man. The evening also had moments of Stephen Stills, Rory Gallagher, Joe Satriani and Joe Bonamasa. Not their songs, but so much of their influence.

Great support from The Mentulls, to get us warmed up. All for just £10 with a badge-out discount for a later gig.

Every now and then you get an originals band at the Tropic' that underlines the fact that although "tribute bands" do a great job, you really cannot beat the guys who are out there writing and performing their own stuff. Enter Pat McManus at the Tropic' last Friday.... Irish charm, stage presence, sense of humour, and not to mention, could he play the guitar!! Great hard rocking band with a great sense of fun in their performance. Phil is often banging on about give bands a try if you have never heard or seen them before but if Pat McManus is back at the Tropic' anytime soon, do yourself a favour and check the band out. You will not be disappointed.

I saw Clapton last year at the Albert Hall - £75 quid for a dot in the distance, though fortunately I did actually take binoculars! So to see a guitarist of Pat McManus's quality that close up was a total privilege. Plus I have to say - while old Slowhand has the epic songs and the laid back bluesman cool, he's not actually as technically proficient. Suck on that Mr. £75 The Tropic deliver yet again - for a mere tenner!

Thank you for arranging.

Strange Doors. The Californian sunshine came to the Tropic of Ruislip with the unbelievable good Strange Doors. Right from the first number you knew you were in for a great night and all the members of the group did not disappoint. So thank you Strange Doors and the Tropic of Ruislip for a unforgettable night.

The Secret Police

A bit of a delay but just to say that the Honeyslides were brilliant the other week - I saw Neil Young last year and he was in one of his grumpy moods and wasn't as good as I've seen him previously but the Slides were a much more enjoyable gig and the best I've seen at Tropic'. You must get them back as I know quite a few people who would come along, especially after seeing how good they were. They seemed to be like a band who happened to take joy in doing Neil's stuff rather than a straight ahead tribute band, and boy, that front man has a whole bundle of talent.

So ... what of the HONYSLIDES at Tropic .

I may have been one of the first to comment on exit from the venue that it had probably been the best that I had heard there. OK, fuelled with fine ale and musical adrenalin I thought I’d better wait till the morning after before I posted my view.

I’ve waited three days ... I think I may have been right in the first place!

Well they were certainly right up there with the very best (in due deference to some of the other very very fine acts that have probably drawn the same testimony from my lips on their day).

The guys eased us in with some midway to rockin’ foot tapping numbers, and they gave us some teasing insights into the energy that may be in store for later. They took us through samples of the sweet and melodious to the rompin’ n stompin’, with an almost haunting rendition of Cortez the Killer thrown in (I wasn’t gonna name songs..) and they demonstrated those ‘Crazy’ licks that make you wonder where it can possibly go next. This combo were tight ­ enough to stay dry in a downpour, and they kept it so for a straight set of well over two hours! There was a respite for the rest of the band while we were treated to an acoustic interlude that deserved it’s own encore .. and got it .. (to the slight surprise of the other band members who were just about to retake the stage, and were then seen applauding along with the room). Collectively they then took us for a ‘hold on to your hats ride’ to the end of the evening which ended with a much deserved full house standing ovation ­ still rockin’ in the free world.

I reckon there were probably two kinds of people in the room, those that know Neil Young’s work, and those that say ‘I’ve never really paid much attention to his stuff’ - the whole set was peppered with numbers that if you didn’t recognise the opening chords ­ I bet you soon realised that you knew it. And many would have gone home thinking ‘I didn’t realise I was a fan’ .. Gotcha.

I stepped outside wondering why tall trees weren’t layin down ­ I’d got so blown away..

In praise of Sunday Lunchtime Gigs

I was quite surprised to find out how many "Tropicistas" are either Church or Temple goers on a Sunday . This however was made self evident by the poor turnout a couple of weeks ago to see Blues Business.
The absentees missed some brilliant musicianship with fine examples of the dual lead guitar sound, ably supported by a fine back line. The music was a blend of traditional blues with some swamp rock thrown into the melting pot. The whole thing was rounded off by some hilarious self deprecating humour between numbers .

Despite there being no more than 30 people in the room (including the band and bar staff) the vibe was good (sorry I stole that lame phrase from a previous review but you get my point).

Personally I think Sunday lunchtime gigs are a fine way to end or start the week, buy that is a personal opinion based on fond memories of The Mystery Blues club in Harefield and what I witnessed at the Blues Business event.
Philip knows his music and we should all realise that he rarely if ever puts on a duff band , eventually his Sunday gigs will fizzle out due to audience apathy or the resurgence of Sunday Worship; I for one will give Church a miss next week to see Ian Parker.

Last evenings performance by highly talented Bravado, The RUSH tribute band, was truly outstanding - each time they play at Ruislip they reach new standards. Their ability to replicate the myriad of older (and some more recent) material with amazing and they play with such enthusiasm - Having seen RUSH many times, they boys will not disappoint even the most avid of fans. Come back Soon.

Jay Tamkin - I went to this gig because Philip had been extolling the virtues of this guy for some weeks via his e mails. 'A brilliant talent playing his own stuff - let's support new music etc' Unfortunately Philip got it wrong. Jay was a thousand times better than his publicity suggested. Message to anyone who has any interest in 'guitar-based' music i.e. anyone who has ever been to Tropic: if you get a chance to see this guy again - GO! I've seen many great bands at Tropic and this guy wiped the floor with 90% of them.

I followed Philip's advice never having heard of Jay and went on the off chance to see him. I could have wept at how good the band were but I wept more at the low turnout and those people who missed him. IF HE EVER VISITS AGAIN - GO GO GO!!! (You want more recommendations - just ask anyone who was there).

Another excellent set from these guys (Voodoo Room), who do not simply perform by numbers, but play with a passion and feeling that not too many tribute bands bring to a gig. Superb musicians, playing their own, true to the roots interpretations on Cream and Hendrix, they are always worth the trip to Ruislip. On this balmy Friday evening, they excelled on Hendrix in particular, and served up another superb treat, which sent everyone home with good vibes in abundance. Catch them next time round, or it's your loss for sure...

What can I say? UTTERLY FANTASTIC gig yet again by Sinnerboy, with songs 'I Fall Apart' and 'Walk on Hot Coals' my favourites. Totally rate these guys - if you haven't yet seen them, make sure you do they're back at the Tropic in 2014. If you loved Rory's music, then DON'T MISS THEM!

I couldn't let the moment pass without praising SINNERBOY for their great gig on Friday. What a night and what a performance. Those that attended were treated to a fabulous night of Rory Gallagher that the maestro would have proud of. I was lucky enough to catch their maiden Tropic night last year and this was a brilliant repeat performance. My particular favourite was Bad Penny which I was lucky enough to have recorded and have enjoyed re-living. Thanks lads for travelling all the way down from Manchester to treat us. I am already looking forward to your return next year!

STANLEY DEE who made their debut appearance at Tropic at Ruislip on Saturday (15th June,2013) are a fantastic tribute to the music of Steely Dan.

In a poised, polished and highly professional performance they delivered a wonderful set of Donald Fagen & Walter Becker "DAN" classics which was perfection personified.

STEELY DAN were arguably the Premier Jazz Rock Band of the 1970's and were renowned for their complex chord sequences, rhythms, melodies and vocal harmonies which encompassed Jazz, Blues, Funk and Soul in a contemporary Rock setting. They were rightly revered throughout the Pop world for their musical intelligence, technical ability and obsessive attention to detail.

However, they were not as well known as a touring band, so it was wonderful to see STANLEY DEE in an intimate club atmosphere playing through a wide spectrum of STEELY DAN music. Witnessing their show is like the taste of molten chocolate & vanilla -- sweet, smooth, warming and oh, so moreish.

The band itself is a very stylish 10 piece ensemble that managed to shoe-horn itself on to what can only be described as the compact Tropic stage. They are made up of an impossibly charismatic (if mildly eccentric) frontman as lead singer, supported by three delightful young women on backing vocals, (two of whom would take their own solo vocal spots). A sublime guitarist and superb keyboard player in the engine room were anchored by drums and bass who although rarely seen could always be felt. The whole thing is topped off by the fluid, silky smooth and mellifluous tones of the two-man horn section on sax and trumpet who played their parts with consummate skill. Nice!

The set list, in a near 2 1/2 hour program covered all the favourite classics and included DO IT AGAIN, RIKKI DON'T LOSE THAT NUMBER, HEY 19, DEACON BLUES, MY OLD SCHOOL, MIDNIGHT CRUISER, BABYLON SISTERS, KID CHARLEMAGNE, DIRTY WORK, PEG, JOSIE, HAITIAN DIVORCE, and ended with the peerless REELIN' IN THE YEARS (about 40 by my reckoning). It's brilliant when you go to a gig expecting the band to be very good and they turn out to be truly exceptional.

Finally, it was marvellous to see a band who so enjoy playing the music we all love. They are great fun!I hope to see them here  again soon, Check them out the next time they are in town. If you like Steely Dan, you'll love STANLEY DEE.

Although I could see the logic of it, having seen a lot of the originals play somehow it's never quite the same but I must say Saturday night  (Stanley Dee) was truly impressive. So good to see (and hear) such a depth of sound - backing vocals, horns, keyboard - GREAT ! I really did think they were very, VERY good. The whole experience has opened my eyes to Steely Dan's music again and even though I already own a number of their albums the set has given me a whole new slant.

Good. Very good. Really can't get over how good some of these bands are - these are amateurs, yes ? Well semi-pros perhaps. The attention to detail is quite remarkable, never mind the musicianship. Great night Philip.

Another fantastic night from Tropic' with an outstanding set from Stanley Dee. These guys made the brilliance of the original music look effortless. A joy to be there. Look forward to seeing them again soon.

What a gem! (Joe J'Urso and Stone Caravan) I cannot believe how good this band were, and how ashamed I am not to have ever seen them before.

I went along on the off chance, and was so pleasantly surprised. It was like finding a pearl in an oyster (although that's never happened to me); or finding a score in the back pocket of last weeks jeans, or a forgotten wrap in a wallet etc. You get the point.

Songs were great, up-tempo, rocking and with meaning, band was tight and Joe is a friendly ever engaging presence. Their cover of Willie Nile's "One Guitar" was superb and had the crowd on their feet. In fairness I cannot think of one poor song.

If you like Bruce (Springsteen) you'll love them, and that's not a criticism, if you're going to be influenced or going to influence anyone, who better than the Boss.

I hope they're back at Tropic at Ruislip soon, I'm sure that next time thee will be more in.
Anyway, so impressed was I that I actually bought a copy of their latest CD, much of which they played and was truly excellent, and I even queued up to get it signed!! (and I'm fifty not fifteen). Anyone who knows me will me appreciate how good they must have been if I've actually parted with money. No greater endorsement can there be.

I really cannot recommend them enough.

A review of The Rod Stewart Experience (opens new window)

.....the reason the audience were so attentive for Ian Parker was the fact that he (and the band) were just so darned brilliant! I have previously been to two of his acoustic gigs at Tropic so I knew what to expect, but the feel of this electric band was so different and Ian and the band seemed to enjoy themselves so much that the whole evening was an absolute pleasure. His studio albums do not do him justice, he has to be seen and heard live.

Last night was our third time seeing Bravado at the Tropic. We started out after work from J27 on the M1 which is no small journey on a Friday night. It took us an hour and a half to get to J24 due to a smash on J25. As always these three gentlemen of Doncaster put on a great show. Yes there were a few technical hitches but their overall mastery of rush's complex and challenging music made up for the bloopers in spades. The sound was top notch. Having seen them on a night where the sound was off (not at Ruislip), this makes a huge difference to the enjoyment of the show. La Villa Strangiato with the country intro was a highlight. They do country music better than Rush do! Another thing they did better than Rush - Witch Hunt. On Rush's 2011 tour, the only thing that kept me in my seat during that song was the amazing light show. Well Bravado's light show doesn't compare, but their version of this song had real bite and menace from the start and the extended solo at the end - wow! We will be back for Bravado. The venue is ace and the people great.

What I love about this band are not just that they are brilliant musicians but that they have such a great time playing for us. Since that first Bravado moment they've been a delight. Someone said it's hard to describe music at its best, at its most enjoyable, it's just a feeling when you're there and you know that it's happening. With Bravado it's always there, it's always happening. Thanks to the band for everything and to you for putting them on. Great times.

Absolutely sensational night of note perfect Doors music, which surely isn't the easiest to recreate. They were great the first time over a year ago but these guys can sure play and apart from 'Jim' doing his between songs ramblings, barely paused for breath in over 2 brilliant hours! Another great band in our back yard for only a tenner :) (The Strange Doors)

My friends and I really enjoyed Dran Dran and everyone dancing around certainly seemed to too. Great to have an 80's band and also very nice to be able to sit down in comfort and watch the show!

Two words – absolutely fantastic!!!! (Rhapsody) Your feet ache but standing is the best possible way to get the most out of the evening. Bring on the PA - you can’t rock sitting down!!

Thanks very much and well done for providing such quality entertainment in the Manor. You do us proud!

Just had to write in to say how enjoyable yesterday's gig was. BAD INFLUENCE is a stonkingly rocking band, even with an excellent stand-in rhythm section. Playing a great mix of covers (Tom Petty would have been proud) and original material, the unfortunately small audience was treated to a delight of virtuoso guitar playing, belting vocals and the tightest rhythm section that I have heard for a long time! Well done Philip for booking such a great act - try to get them back as soon as possible, Status Quo permitting! and I'll bring more friends along with me next time. Cheers.

Belated feedback for the Fragile gig last Friday. Wow! These guys can play!  Yes music is technically complex and you have to be damn good to pull it off as a tribute band. They clearly are enjoying themselves and they have a strong front man. Yours Is No Disgrace was fantastic – the years fell away. I brought along a Tropic novice who is a Yes aficionado and he was blown away.

(Copy of an e-mail sent to the band)
I want to say that to the very best of my knowledge we haven't had a Sabbath Tribute in my part of NW London since a band called The Sabbath played at a pub called The Rayners way back in 2005 (spiritual forerunner of The Tropic at Ruislip - in fact promoter Philip and I used to see bands there every week, but that's another story)... The Sabbath were fun and okay but not hugely authentic in their interpretation of the classic early material.

Anyhow fact forward to late October 2012, I wanted to say that I came down last Friday with low expectations as:

1. Philip had made no secret of just how hard it was to book a Sabbath tribute band, apparently some bands were a little bit flaky and kept letting him down.

2. I gathered that yours was a new tribute and...

3. ...the fact that one just doesn't hear of ANY Sabbath tributes for some strange reason. If there are any Sabbath tributes then they don't play in or around London!

I don't wish to blather on unnecessarily but I've seen nearly every tribute band of note on the UK circuit and want to say that Snowblind were one of the most, authentic in sound and important appearances (without resorting to embarrassing wigs and such), entertaining, musically accomplished and sheer FUN. You were also very LOUD!!! It's clear just how much thought and effort has gone into this tribute.

I just can't imagine anyone doing a better job of interpreting the songs and the sounds and performances of the Ozzy era. Loved the fact that the band weren't afraid to tackle some more obscure album tracks (thus educating and stretching their audience beyond We Sold Our Souls type greatest hits). Thank you SO MUCH for playing some songs from Technical Ecstasy - my favourite Sabbath album with Ozzy on vocals - I was always more of a Dio fan - yes really)! Back Street Kids rocked and Dirty Women was riotous! Also LOVE the fact that "Ozzy" doesn't feel the need to effect a fake Brummie accent.

Verdict: best and most enjoyable tribute gig I've seen in a hell of a long time! Best regards, Darren Wisdom

The Book of Genesis were absolutely fantastic. Please book them again soon as next time I will drag along quite a few other friends I have who would appreciate this. Had a wonderful evening.

Fantastic!  The support group (PROM) played for around an hour and really rocked !  Then the delightful Dani Wilde graced the stage in a cracking  top, skirt and a killer pair of heels...and not many guitarists can do that!  With a band including her brother on the harmonica (awesome) she reeled off the tracks and some great guitar playing.  A short break then another set that finished gone midnight!  Only disappointment of the night was the small crowd of around 40 that witnessed it - such a shame.

Best gig I've been to at Tropic'. Great band (It Must be Madness). Played all the Madness classics, feet still aching from all the dancing!

Last Saturday was just about the best night I have had in years!!! StillMarillion were fantastic and I was in Prog Rock heaven!

I never thought I'd hear these songs played live again (OK, Fish still performs a few, but not nearly as well as these guys!). An absolutely sensational evening. Please get them back again soon (StillMarillion).

I saw Fish-era Marillion several times and the one memory that sticks with me was the fanatical following which sung every word of every song with great gusto. I've only seen this happen with a couple of other bands. Well, it was clear on Saturday, that those fans turned up for the StillMarillion gig. I'm sure the band were gratified by the vocal support - a clear indicator of the level of enjoyment. It was good to hear the old songs, which current Marillion don't play anymore and Still Marillion played every "hit", except Punch and Judy I think. The encore of Forgotten Sons, Garden Party and Market Square Heroes was a great finish. Excellent musicianship. Only regret - the singer didn't wear Fish's warpaint and no Grendel! Look forward to the next appearance.

An excellent performance from StillMarillion, a band that don't just produce excellent renditions of all the key Marillion tracks from the eighties, but also manage to capture the enthusiasm and magic of those long-distant performances from the Hammersmith Odeon. Having travelled up to the Robin, Bilston last September to see them double-heading with Genes-ish and being very impressed - they were even better over this two and half hour set. After 30 years it is amazing how many in the audience were word-perfect on all the lyrics - even to the tracks that were originally only put out as 12 inch B-sides. Whilst both Marillion and Fish continue to entertain with admirable longevity, StillMarillion now complete the trilogy - perfectly re-capturing the excitement of 1983-1987 with the classic tracks that started it all - but now adding a slightly lighter, assured feel to the performance of the material.

Well, were do I start? I am a long time Marillion fan since 1983 and have seen them many, many times over the years including the Bi-Annual conventions in Holland and love their music with a passion.
I had heard on the grapevine about StillMarillion being rather good at recreating the early Fish era stuff which the real Marillion tend not to play anymore.

I managed to drag along 3 Marillion loving friends to last nights gig and we were absolutely blown away by the energy and sheer musicianship of the band! These songs are not easy to play and we were impressed!
All the favourites were a few unexpected tracks - Incubus, Three Boats Down From The Candy and one of my all time favourites - Cinderella Search.

By the end of the night we came away very hot and sweaty, but suitably impressed with the performance. My friend said it was the best £10 he had spent in years!

We will definitely come and see them again should they venture this far south again.

I'm so glad we managed to get these boys all the way down to Ruislip, I cant thank them enough.
The saddest thing about StilllMarillion is that they put the real Marillion to shame, if only Hogarth’s Marillion would slow down on the cheesy rock ballads and play the music that made Marillion famous. But even then they would have to work very hard to sound half as good as these guys.

Superb band in every way (StillMarillion). Could hold their own musically with most of the progressive rock acts I see these days. Having been partial to Fish-era Marillion, I'm now a committed fan after seeing these guys play last night. They demonstrated superbly how powerful the music and lyrics of Marillion used to be.
They would go down a storm amongst the wider prog fraternity if they get the chance to become better known.
The Tropic 'regulars' who didn't attend missed out on a great show and should not have been scared off by the 'Prog' label as '80s-style' Prog is generally very accessible indeed.

We were thoroughly looking forward to this gig and after seeing this band for the first time we eagerly await their return. The music was excellently played (apart from one or two Keyboard gaffes in the first half) and if you shut your eyes you would have thought it was Steve Rothery on guitar. The vocals and front man delivery, which we did expect to be the weak link were exceptional, again very early Fish like and delivered with lots of feeling and power. The set list was very good, a few calls for Grendel from the crowd, hopefully next time....

If you didn't come along you missed a great gig. Tough call between StillMarillion and Bravado, both excellent gigs.

I've seen this band twice before during the last year or so and both times they were excellent. However, they have clearly improved even more and in my own opinion based on fact rather than emotion, they are giving the audience and experience that the real Marillion would do well to beat. And given that the current Marillion simply do not acknowledge their early material, StillMarillion are effectively resurrecting some stunning music that has been lost for a generation. A tribute to how good they were was that I brought 2 mates who know nothing about Marillion or its music, and both were blown away by the experience. Quite simply, these guys are up there if not better than Bravado, Absolute Bowie and the Floyd Effect.

As for the audience last night? That's the most worked up crowd I've seen in the 4 odd years of the Tropic at Ruislip. Very rare that I'd award this score out of ten, but I'd give them 9.5/10. Hope to see them back next year!

Last nights StillMarillion gig was a triumph, you have to get this band back, and soon. Their playing was first class, and the singer spot on. Added to that the audience was clearly knowledgeable, making the atmosphere just like it was all those years ago at Hammersmith Odeon. I for one cannot wait to see them again, even if you don't know much of their stuff I would urge you to see this band who are clearly on top of their game.......superb !

Just got back from this gig (StillMarillion) and was completely overwhelmed by the band. Didn't expect them to be as brilliant as they were. The musicianship was superb and the singer's voice excellent and a lot like Fish's of that era. So great to hear the wonderful Marillion music played live so well. You could tell the whole audience were really into it. Thanks for getting them to make the journey down to Ruislip. They'd certainly be welcome to return.

Philip, This band (StillMarillion) were superb, they were better than the originals, well done and thank you.

I could sit here and write a whole list of superlatives about Voodoo Room but I will get straight to the point instead . Voodoo Room are simply one of the best bands to have ever played The Tropic.

Don't miss them the next time they play Ruislip and in the meantime get on their mailing list and see them as often as you can, because soon they will be selling out venues. Slim and Co. retired at just the right time!

Have to be one of the very best bands I have ever had the good fortune to see live (Voodoo Room), these guys are more than a match for anyone out there. To replicate Hendrix with such ease, particularly on numbers such as Cross Town Traffic and Little Wing was impressive, whilst their take on Cream's Spoonful was something special, but what a treat they left till last, what a finale - to replicate Woodstock and nail Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze was nothing short of musical heaven

Anyone missing out on seeing these guys whenever and wherever they play, well it's your loss..   

Voodoo Room (9th. June,2012) were absolutely brilliant! Making their debut at Tropic in the Saturday night slot, they certainly spread some Magic over Ruislip, which a smaller-than-usual audience greatly appreciated. This was definitely one of those "Bravado" moments. Pete ORR is an awesome guitarist and is ably supported by a drum and bass rhythm section that is as tight as the proverbial drum skin.

In virtuoso style they played their way through a stunning set that included CREAM classics, "I feel free", "Sunshine of your Love", "Crossroads", "Badge", "White Room" with epic Bass and Drum solos on "Traintime" and "Toad" respectively. Hendrix favourites lined up with "Hey Joe", "Purple Haze", "Cross Town Traffic", Fire", "Manic Depression", "Spanish castle Magic", amongst others, with a mighty encore of "All Along the Watchtower".

The playing throughout was exceptional and a barn-storming gig ended with a well deserved standing ovation.

Inevitably, comparisons will be drawn with the legendary Hamsters, but I think CREAM and HENDRIX is a better fit and VOODOO ROOM are up there with the best of them. They are that good. Modest, down-to-earth, and self effacing, I believe they are set to become what our Rodent friends from deepest Essex might call "a total ledge". Catch them next time around. 10/10. Totally Recommended. (By the way, loved the multi-coloured "Psychedelic" guitar").   

I went to last night's Voodoo Room gig with a slight amount of trepidation, having what can best be described as a "working knowledge" of the more well known Hendrix and Cream songs. I needn't have worried as Voodoo Room delivered a show full of passion and energy. I was amazed to hear that they have only been gigging for a few months and that, I think, the bass player was not their regular one - you would never have known it. A small but appreciative audience lapped up classics such as Purple Haze, Hey Joe, Crosstown Traffic, All Along The Watchtower, White Room, Badge, Sunshine Of Your Love and Tales Of Brave Ulysses. For just £10 (pre-booked) it was a great night out. If you missed them this time, make sure you come and see them in 2013. Thoroughly recommended.

What a cracking night down at 'Tropic' on Friday (25/5/2012) with Sinnerboy being the attraction. Great band, superb lead guitarist and some enjoyable banter with the crowd, at one point even getting off stage and walking through the front row while playing a solo and of course some fantastic material to work with! The only thing lacking on the night were more people witnessing it! Hopefully they will come back and we can give them a full house next time...

Extensive review for Willie Nile

Thanks for a fantastic night of music with your promotion of Willie Nile last night. I have seen five of his gigs on the tour and the reaction of the fans was the best by far that I have seen. I often wondered if Willie could really get fans moving and last night proved that he can.

Just a quick note to say thanks for putting on another brilliant Willie (Nile) gig last night .
The man improves on each hearing. Our entire party (all ages from 15 - 58) thought he was brilliant

Shame that some of your more regular punters didn't show up to swell the numbers but it was their loss too!

Nighon Maiden, who supported Mentallica were tremendous and an absolute revelation. A brilliant band with a great singer (superb voice) who had a neat line in costume changes and a confidence borne of real wit and style. O.K. there were a few early problems with er, um, "mis-communications" between band and sound desk, (it was Friday the 13th), but once these were Ironed out they played a fine set of Maiden classics. I know these two bands are usually billed as a Double Header, but it would be nice to see Nigh On Maiden return to play a full self-supporting solo gig. They are welcome any time.

By the way, Mentallica as headliners were uniformly excellent. (damned with faint praise). Great night. 

Nighon Maiden were fantastic. Their choice of numbers was excellent, their delivery was first class, very authentic and personally I would have preferred it if they had stayed on to do a full set. Phil you MUST book these guys for a full gig! They are one of those tribute bands who are up there with the likes of Bravado, Who's Who, Rolling Stoned, Deeply Purple and the like.

My friends really enjoyed the Alter Eagles. I am glad to say they passed our "audition" with flying colours. Was the new guitarist in the line-up just standing in? He did very well if he had had only one rehearsal!

Some numbers were so close to the original you couldn't tell them apart. If Woolies were still selling cover versions they would be selling loads of them by now. Another good night.

Just got home, and what a fantastic night at the tropic having seen Nervana.

To be honest I felt slightly uncomfortable in the room because there where so few people in attendance and what a shame that was because the band came out and gave a stonking show.

Sat in front of the band it was like having Nirvana playing in your living room. They gave a great show to less than 30 people with all the energy as if they where playing to 3000 and I personally thanked them for that, very professional and a perfect tribute to a lost talent that is Kurt Cobain.

I can only hope they haven't been put off with such few numbers and come back.

That was two bloody good performances last night, Jay Tamkin was amazing and good to see Simon Townshend also for the first time. Well done

So glad I made the gig. It was great seeing Guy again, doing a superb, freshly composed acoustic set. Ian Parker put on a tremendous show with great dynamics, which really drew you in to his brilliant song writing.

I purchased his Bare Bones solo CD, which covered a lot of this gig and his Official Bootleg live full band CD, which is really superb in content and quality. I hope to see him next time and also hopefully with Guy as support.

Cheers for a great night Friday at the Oasiz gig, they were fantastic. good to see a mixed crowd young and old all enjoying the night, see we can get on lol. Quick mention for Checkpoint Charlie the support group, I thought they were great, good luck to them in the future, class act. (Met an old friend in there from when I used to live in  Hayes, hadn't seen for 15 years), good night thanks.

I really enjoyed Bad Influence last week when the weather was definitely not tropical ! It may have been cold outside but the band were red hot. Richard Hayes is a great slide guitarist and deserves a higher profile. He should be up there among the top guitar heroes.

Bravado were excellent last night. Every bit as good as Philip's hype - and more. Not easy to do a tribute to some of the worlds best musicians (Rush) and get away with it. Spoilt only by the selfish idiots talking at the back of the hall whilst the music performances were on (who couldn't read your nice orange notices) - can these people be banned please, or at least have a gag put on them for the duration of the show. (Will try - Philip)

Having read the reviews of the first Bravado performance at the Tropic I went along last night more in hope than expectation. The original reviews were glowing but I have seen many reviews build a band up only to be disappointed when I have seen them myself. My fears were wasted as BRAVADO were F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. As a big Rush fan I had not expected them to be that good. Rush's music is very complex but these 3 guys from Yorkshire pulled it off with a mastery I was not expecting. Concentrating on early Rush from the 70s and early 80s the material was just what I (and the hard core Rush fans in the audience) wanted to hear. A brilliant night and they thoroughly deserved the massive applause they got at the end. The show was over far too quickly - I wanted 3 hours not just the 2 hours they played. Please get them back ASAP as I can't believe there is a better tribute band out there.

Well, they certainly did it again! Bravado have shown that their talent and skill IS equal to Rush, and in doing so, have raised the bar to new heights for other tribute bands to follow. On this occasion they had the size of audience that they deserve, and I don't believe that there was a single person there who was disappointed. Personally I would be happy to watch Bravado play all day, the couple of hours available on a Friday night is way too short. How about an all day gig some time in the summer Phil?

Great night, great music, friendly enthusiastic crowd, what more can you want!

Still on a high from last nights gig (Rhapsody). It was brilliant. I've already booked tickets for the 30th June 2012. Everybody that came in my party loved it. Thank you so much for a really good night.

Saturday 19th November saw the first appearance at Ruislip of Muse tribute band Hypermused. Now Muse are a band often voted best live act in the world and having seen them at Wembley Stadium last year, who am I to argue?!

So despite having seen Hypermused once before in Croydon, I approached this show with some trepidation. I needn't have worried as Hypermused put on a great show. They played material from all 5 studio albums and even slipped in a couple of B-sides and the single only In Your World.

Personal highlights were Cave, New Born, Hysteria, Fury and Knights Of Cydonia. The only slight downside for me was the lack of live piano/keyboards, but the 3 guys were all on top of their game. I take my hat off to anybody who can play that fabulous Hysteria bassline! The audience was small but quietly appreciative. Hopefully these guys will be back at Ruislip soon with the bigger audience they so richly deserve.


Stray are always great but last night was the best that I've seen them at the Tropic. The surprise appearance of Pete Dyer on Guitar/Vocals for the entire gig was great to see...and "didn't he do well"... considering that he had only one evening of practice with the band the night before! Hats off to Del,Stoo, Karl and Pete for and absolutely fantastic night, Stray are one band that you can be certain will deliver the goods on the night. More of the same please.

You told us they were good, over and over, oh how you told us how good they were. So we decided to invest our Friday evening to see what exactly all the fuss was about.


Superb from start to finish.

Not just Willie Nile, who is the consummate showman throughout, that band are bloody good!!!
And how nice to see an unknown Sax player get invited up from the front of house to play a few numbers - what a blast he must have had - and did himself proud, well done that guy. And well done the Willie Nile Band for having no pretensions of greatness and do such a thing - it's what keeps places like The Tropic alive - you get close to the music .

Though they will never be a Stadium band, they fully deserve a wider audience.

Another, excellent gig at an excellent music venue - more power to you!

Where has Willie Nile been hiding?

Either through lack of effort or imagination I had not heard of Willie Nile until last night (4th November). The gig at the Tropic at Ruislip instantly made me realise what I had been missing for all these years. Certainly the best gig I have ever seen here!

Willie Nile is a truly gifted songwriter, mixing the lyrics of hope, justice and dreams with instantly memorable melodies. His performance was a full on blend of punk attitudes and old fashioned rock showmanship! Add this all to a funky bass, spot on “no frills” drumming and a lead guitarist who was clever enough to know when not to play and you had the perfect rock band.

At the stage when I thought this could not get any better on strolled a guest saxophonist (Stephen Ellery an English music arranger) and blew us all away. Apparently he had not even rehearsed with the band. When later Glenn Matlock appeared, to sing a duet with Willie, complete with backing vocals from Mick Ronson’s daughter, I thought I must have died and gone to the big gig in the sky.

Support form Micky Kemp was also very good (complete with his brilliant guitarist) and definitely deserves a gig to himself.

Thanks to Philip for sticking his neck out and thanks to Willie and the band for not giving up on the Tropic after two previous not so successful visits. (Actually it was one disaster...and the second was fine! Philip)

The only doubts I had going to last nights Willie Nile gig was could he possibly be as good as he was last time? As I had a couple of friends there on my recommendation I was a bit worried.

Worried about Willie and his Band ? I must have been mad. Another superb show which delighted my friends (they both bought CDs ) and charmed my wife. I understand he is back in the UK in April. PLEASE get him back again.

Also good to see Glen Matlock appear on stage too. It was good to have a chat with him and I hope I didn't embarrass you by mentioning that his band fancied a gig at the Tropic.

Willie and the band were of course as friendly and approachable as ever.

Thanks Philip, another brilliant Tropic Night !  I was very apprehensive about this one , I have been a massive Bowie admirer from Hunky Dory onwards and not only did Absolute Bowie sound and dress like the real thing but the singer looked like him and had obviously spent a long time studying mannerisms etc. It was quite eerie to watch but at the same time it was musically wonderful.

FRAGILE??? Far from it. This was sheer class! Two and a half hours of brilliant yes tribute without a break and still we wanted more! I have been wanting to see this band for a couple of years but to get them at The Tropic what a bonus!

I thought the vocals and musicianship of Bravado the week before were spot-on, but Fragile raised the bar. Fantastic sound and the vocals were absolutely flawless. Did he sound like Jon Anderson? YES but even better!

Many thanks for putting on the brilliant FRAGILE at the Tropic last Friday.

I have followed the band (and their mentors) for many years and it was great to see them at such a familiar and ideal venue. The trip from sunny Dorset was well worth the effort, even if the return trip on Saturday took us 4.5

It was also great to see such a good turnout at the Tropic for quite a 'specialist' act on their first visit. YES music can take some getting used to, and it's appeal is not instant. Coming in 'cold' to such a gig is not easy. It was therefore heart-warming to see a much-larger-than-expected crowd who really seemed to get into what the band was doing. Your announcement suggesting that those who wanted to talk should move to the other bar did not go unheeded, which was brilliant. Just a shame there wasn't time for the encore!

As for the band themselves, the new(ish) rhythm section is now very settled and apart from a minor slip-up (only noticeable if you know the music really well) they were very much on form. The new medley of early songs was very strong and perennial gems such as the lush and extravagant 'Close to the Edge' in all its 19 minute glory, and the dynamic and thrilling 'Heart of the Sunrise' are always a delight to witness.

Thanks Tropic and thanks Fragile.

We'll definitely be making the 300 mile round trip to catch them next time.

Fragile – Just stunning !!!

Fragile were simply outstanding. I had tears in my eyes, they were that good. I've only attended 4 or 5 gigs here but this was the best I've attended. I wish it could have gone on longer but at nearly 2.5 hrs I can't complain. More Fragile please.

Just a quick email to say how that last Friday's gig with "Bravado" was the best gig yet at the venue! Anyone who was not there missed a spectacular show and should not miss them if they return! I would like to thank them personally for travelling all the way down from Yorkshire to do the gig, giving us such a great performance and hope that they enjoyed themselves! PLEASE PLEASE get them back!

We were lied to! That couldn't have been a tribute band it was RUSH pretending to be BRAVADO! I saw Rush at Wembley in 2004, this lot were their equal. The music was loud, proud, and incredibly tight. So much so that the meagre crowd made as much noise as a full house. In some ways I feel sorry for the bands that are booked later in the year as they'll have a great deal of difficulty measuring up to the incredible performance we witnessed last night. BRAVADO are three guys that are masters of their craft.

Sadly the evening went by way too fast, next time an eight hour set please!!!!

Over the past six years or so I have averaged one gig per week at the following local North West/North London venues: The Rayners Hotel, Harrow Tithe Farm Social Club, The Greenwood (Northolt), The New Bull & Butcher (Whetstone), and from the last two years, the Tropic at Ruislip Manor Social Club. During that time I must have seen every tribute band of note from AC/DC UK to ZZ Tops, but in all those gigs I have never come across a tribute that is as impressive as Bravado, a tribute to the veteran Canadian Prog Rock band Rush.

Straight away from a very strong start with, "Spirit Of Radio", via "The Trees", "Tom Sawyer", "Temples Of Syrinx", and "The Big Money", the band never put so much as a foot wrong, just flawless musicianship throughout. The in room sound was just amazingly good to boot with "Geddy Lee's", thunderous bass pedals causing my trouser legs to flap in sympathy on occasion!

With three superb musicians I feel it would be unfair to single out anyone unduly so I'll just give a 10 out of 10 for their overall performance, very professional presentation and choice of set list. If one could take a Rush stadium show, shrink it down to fit inside a club setting (and at a club price!) yet not compromise on musicianship, sound and presentation then that is what one gets with Bravado. There is no catch.

Also it is very refreshing to see a band that takes a similar "no compromise" stance to their equipment and back-line, there must have been somewhere north of £20-30K of equipment on that stage (including a gong behind "Neil Peart's", massive drum kit, that he used precisely once throughout the two hour show)!! Met the drummer after the show, and I must say what a lovely, friendly guy with zero ego he was - despite having played the best drum solo this side of a Rush stadium show!!!

I gather that the advice given to Philip (Promoter at te Tropic) on enquiring after a Rush tribute was, "Bravado - just book them!", my advice to anyone reading this that is partial to the music of Rush (and especially) if tribute bands are "not their thing", is similarly straightforward, Bravado - just go and see them! Philip, I demand that they return and you will too!!!!

I attended the Bravado gig last Friday and as Rush are my favourite band of all time I was not expecting much from a tribute band having seen the original at the O2 fairly recently. However I was extremely surprised to see the musicianship on display and thoroughly enjoyed the night. The crowd there was probably the smallest I have seen there but certainly not the quietest or least appreciative. They were a fantastic band to see and if you can persuade them to play again I think it will be a big coup for yourselves. Being an avid fan I know that Rush music is an acquired taste so I cannot see that you would have a packed venue however I would return as would my wife. I can never understand how Rush are so underrated and with tribute bands like Bravado their music will live in forever. Lets hope I live to see the year 2112 in but I do not see that that will happen unless an ageless pill will be invented. Keep the SPIRIT OF RADIO alive and get them back again.


It was as if we had been transported back to the 80's and RUSH were actually performing at The Tropic.

Not only did BRAVADO perform with great accuracy, the very complex music of RUSH, but thanks to Phil's "Military Grade" full PA, you could feel as well as hear the vast wall of sound from this incredible 3 piece.

Been meaning to head down for a while and this was my first visit - not least because knowing that any band that was going to try and play Rush was going to not just be good but very good given the complexity of the music. Bravado rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations with a quality of performance and sound.

Everything about the show was excellent and if that is the standard then I’m looking forward to seeing some other bands but the only worry is that Bravado have set such a very high standard.

Thanks for putting on the show and thanks to Bravado, will be back for some other bands.

What a band! Brilliant from start to finish...two encores and we still wanted more. Very slick, excellent sound, great vocals, brilliant guitar work. So close to the real thing.

Wow! That was my reaction to the opening track, and many times throughout the evening. For 3 quietly spoken Yorkshiremen these guys made a lot of noise. Superb musicians and amazing replication of distinctive Rush sound - especially the vocals. Even friends who knew no Rush tracks said they were amazing. Hopefully the small audience were appreciative enough to bring them back again (not in the summer holidays next time!) Thanks Philip and Co. (Bravado)

BRAVADO, playing a tribute to RUSH (Friday,12th.August,2011) are the best band I've ever seen at Tropic at Ruislip. The three Yorkshire lads playing their first gig 'within the M25' treated a smallish but very knowledgeable and wildly appreciative audience to a stunning display of musical virtuosity that really captured the Spirit of Rush. This was Classic Rock at its very best!

RUSH have been described as the Rolls Royce of Rock and Heavy Metal and Bravado did them more than justice and then some!

With such an awesome back catalogue to choose from it's difficult to please everyone, but from "Spirit of Radio" through to "Working Man" they covered most of the bases from 70's beginnings to late 80's, which included great interpretations of classics such as "Temples of Syrinx", "The Trees" and "Tom Sawyer" amongst many others. They even came back for a couple of encores!

Bravado were musically superb. The guitar soloing was out of this world and really did seem to make Time stand Still. The singer playing bass and keyboards was also outstanding hitting just the right range vocally. The drummer, however, was a revelation and his seven minute solo, late on, was a percussion masterclass.

A lot of bands would save RUSH's most famous song "Tom Sawyer" (a personal favourite) for a finale, but Bravado had the professional confidence to place it early in the first half of their set and build on it.

To summarise, this was an excellent show delivered with style, guile and a big smile. Heart warming stuff indeed!!

To those who missed this gig, for whatever reason -- this was an absolute treat, so check them out if and when they (hopefully) return to Tropic. For any non-Rush music fans, this is a "Road to Damascus" job. You will be converted!
10/10. Highly Recommended.

P.S. Special mention to the Big Man driving the Desk. The sound balance was spot on. Great job! (Bravado)

Having been disappointed with the gig the previous week, I was a bit dubious about seeing a tribute act of one of my favourite bands, Rush.

Rush's music can be incredibly complex and would take three very professional musicians to get it right. Luckily that’s exactly what we got from Bravado, at times I was forgetting it wasn’t the real thing, absolutely fantastic.

The only disappointment was that so many people missed out on this great gig. I am hoping the come back next year, as I certainly will and drag others with me.

Well what can I say? I was lucky enough to see The 'Real' Rush in May and last night for me was like a repeat of that gig. From their opening track 'Spirit Of Radio' (what else) till their last ' Bytor and the Snowdog' (when have you last heard that covered) they were Fantastic. I am married to a bass player who happens to be a Rush 'nut' so I know and appreciate how complex most Rush tracks are and in my opinion these three guys, all superb musicians play the music of Rush perfectly. Please, Please Tropic get 'Bravado' back down South again as soon as possible and if You are a Rush fan and you missed this gig I urge you to check them out.

I turn up for most gigs here and think most of the bands are really good but never post on here but last night Bravado were brilliant, one of the best tribute bands I have seen, all three were great musicians with a great drum solo (I get bored with most drum solo's) they had the sound of Rush down to a tee.

I first got into Rush at school around the time of their Farewell to Kings album and caught them in UK a few times at Hammersmith Odeon but by the time of their Exit Stage Left LP I had done my own exit stage left. Their more recent stuff I liked the odd track but their old stuff is what does it for me.

So I was curious when tribute band Bravado turned up to rock the Tropic last night.
Suffice to say like Rush themselves they were superb musicians and probably one of the best bands Phil has ever had at The Tropic.

They announced at the start they only play the old stuff and they capped the night off with an encore of By Tor and the Snow Dog!

It was a good crowd last night but there should have been more to see this band. If you were not there and Phil gets them back next year or sooner do not miss them.

It's the first review I've ever sent in my life but I just have to comment on last night's gig, Bravado, the Rush tribute band. I love my evenings at the Tropic anyway but for me, personally, last night was the best band yet! How lucky that they agreed to travel from Yorkshire to play for us all. I really hope they will repeat the journey again next year. Their performance was amazingly superb in every way.

Thank you for supplying such high quality bands at such an excellent venue.

Bravado played the most fantastic gig I have ever seen in my life, loud! wow! Three absolutely brilliant musicians, Still cant believe how good they were, everyone who was there was totally gobsmacked, if you missed it, my commiserations. I only hope they come back again one day. Remember BRAVARDO, Rush tribute stunning!!!

I think the only way to describe this gig is Obscene.... there is no way in a million years that a guy of that age (25) should have that amount of virtuosity! Take all the best aspects of blues, rock and jazz put them in a blender and you will have something that starts to to sound akin to this amazing artist. All the material was "home grown" and would not be out of place in the repertoire of people like Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, (the late) Garry Moore or Alvin Lee. Jay Tamkin has speed when appropriate, and a feeling and fluency is his playing which is a joy to behold. To any budding guitarists... seeing Jay play will do one of two things, make to strive a lot harder or make you hang you guitar up on the wall. To make matters even worse the kid can sing with great feeling and has the looks to go with it. Jay proves that Britain HAS got Talent, sadly plonkers like Simon Cowell are too thick to recognise true talent.

Finally, after years of trying to get Are You Experienced booked for The Rayners Hotel, Tythe Farm, Hayes Football Club, they arrived at The Tropic @ Ruislip, our new and best ever local venue.  What a fantastic night and thanks to all of the band for signing their poster, which is now on my studio wall. There were quite a few in-Experienced in the audience, who were very glad they made the effort to travel a long way to see the band and they were amazed to hear Jimi's music played as if he were in the venue with us. "If my baby don't love me no more....I know, her grandmother will" priceless.

Really enjoyed Kins of Leon last Friday. Been wanting to try Tropic for a couple of years, last two Decembers intended to go to Rollin Stoned but illness and weather conspired against me. The band were excellent, especially considering they had a session guitarist (thought it was a bit weird he had a music stand for the tunes). The lead singer was a good laugh, when tribute band members take it too seriously in 'being' their heroes it can be a bit weird, but he was having fun with it as in doing a bit of Elvis during Molly's Chambers and what I think was a fast show reference in going on about Boutros Boutros Gali during an extended version of Spiral Staircase (my favourite Kings of Leon tune which they don't play anymore).

Also, the sound was excellent. It is the first time in years that I have not put ear-plugs in while listening to a gig. Clear and precise with a substantial bass.

We'll be back. The wife only went because it was a Kings of Leon but was suspicious of going to a social club. She loved it, so much so she insisted on going to the compare (me I guess Philip) and thanking him for putting the night on, before we left early to get our buddy on the last tube. Now I've got her to Tropic, will be easy to return for more in the future.

Great night again. Quality group on once more, the Kins of Leon played a superb gig. Loads of album tracks then the two big hits in 2nd half. Certainly know how to get the crowd active. Recommend seeing them when next on. Can't wait for my next trip down from Luton to see another top act. Thanks Phil and the team , keep it going. JOHN.

We were amongst the sparse turnout for Urban Fox and enjoyed the evening very much. However, one or two well meaning points for the band - ditch that name! To me Urban Fox says absolutely nothing about the style of music they play - which I would describe as retro-rock. In  fact 'Urban Fox' strongly hints at a very different type of music, nothing like what they produced.

They were enthusiastic, eager to please and grateful that anyone at all had turned up. If I were them I'd cut back on the number of covers. Who can beat Cream, Free, Led Zep at their own game? Acceptable if you are billing yourself as a 'tribute' band but very limiting otherwise - have confidence in your own style and songs, which were decent.

I did think some of the songs chosen did not play to the lead singer's vocal strengths but there was good interplay between him and the guitarist while the drummer was solid and the bass player excellent but looked as though he had turned up to play in a different band!

Very promising and made for enjoyable night, so was happy to chuck a few quid in the bucket at the end.

In my opinion one of the best bands I've seen at Tropic at Ruislip (The Riotous Brothers)  Can't understand why more people don't come on a Saturday

First time at the venue last night to see the brilliant Ian Parker. A great venue; run with enthusiasm by a superb front man in Phil. In the words of Arnie, ‘I will be back’
(Too kind thanks (about Ian that is) Philip)

Yet again ZZ Tops gave us a great performance, shame that there weren't as many people as they deserved thanks to the weather. Please Phil, no tables next time huh! However the music was slick, rockin' and tight, excellent performance and I look forward to seeing them down here again. (More people = no tables - Philip)

Saw The Clashed and The Pistols last night. Great night and both cracking bands! Congratulations on a good night.

Saw the Clashed and Pistols last night. Thought it was great show. That combo again please

Great gig last night, truly unforgettable (Unforgettable Fire)

This was the 3rd time I have seen Samtana at The Tropic. They blew me away the previous times when there were just a handful of us and this was even better!
They are superb musicians who play note perfect with passion, feeling and humour and make you feel sooooo good! They are what live music should be all about!
Great that finally had the crowd they deserve. Get them back as quickly as you can Phil!

For any one in a tribute band or thinking of forming such a band you must go and see Samtana first. If your band is not as good as Samtana then don't bother.

Just a quick note to say that the Dizzy Lizzy gig was amongst the best Rock gigs that I've been to in a long while! Just a superb, full blooded performance with absolutely zero going through the motions. Please let's not wait another two years to get them back again...

I have to agree with your comments and the reviews on Willie Nile last Wednesday. What a great evening! I had never heard of him (pardon my ignorance), but you sounded as though support was required so I decided to turn up. Micky Kemp was an unexpected bonus (a longer set from him would have been worth the admission price on its own) and Willie Nile was just tremendous.

Glad to hear that you got enough people there, I hope you can get Willie back later in the year because I am sure there will be many more people there. What a great guy Willie is, I don't know many artists who would stand and chat with fans and sign things after playing like that. As you say I went away with a smile on my face (it really was that kind of night) clutching a couple of CDs. Congratulations also to whoever was doing the sound. Someone on the way home commented how good it was to be able to hear the music without having your ears blasted, it really was perfect.

Many thanks for a superb evening and keep up the good work!

The longer I have thought about it the better the feeling from a performances at last nights gig FANTASTIC
Thanks for getting Willie Nile back not sure why I missed him last year!

Despite getting on in years I always thought I kept up to date with the music scene, or, at least my "type" of music. How wrong I was. How could Willie Nile have stayed off my radar all these years ?

Anyway thanks to you guys at the Tropic, my son and I had a truly wonderful time last night watching Willie live. Superlatives are easy to write but couldn't do justice to the man and his band. Without a doubt the greatest night EVER at the Tropic. And, what a nice guy stopping to talk and sign copies of his CDs- yeah I bought two (and I know I'll be buying more ). I told him that I'd seen both the Hold Steady and The Drive By Truckers in the last few months and that he was right up with them IMHO. Maybe I did Willie an injustice - he was probably better. And how come his records don't sell more? His songs are incredible.

Anyway Tropic just get him back !!! The opening act was great too, Micky Kemp.

Thanks again for a truly great night and the IPA at £2 a pop was much appreciated too

Many thanks for putting on the Willie Nile gig last night. A fantastic show from start to finish and a good turnout (hopefully enough to justify the Wednesday night experiment).
Very impressed at the end when he came straight off stage to sign Cds and personally thanked everyone as they left , the guy is class

Just to say what a great night on Friday! The replication of the original Eagles sound was awesome. I think the hardest part for matching the original band is the vocals. They (The Alter Eagles) did not fail to deliver. All the band members blended superbly plus the lead vocal was spot-on in my view.

I missed them last year so I was very keen to be here this year and I am so glad that I did. I overheard someone say they thought that this year's gig was better than last year's. Will definitely back to see them plus as many fans as I can muster. Another good night at The Tropic!

Really enjoyed (Counterfeit) Quo -wasn't sure if would get fed up of the usual stuff ...but loved all they played- forgot how varied some of their music was. Thank you

Just a quick note to say that I think the Buzz Lightweights were absolutely brilliant last night. It was a great evening. Thanks very much

Absolutely fabulous night. (Buzz Lightweights) Thanks to all was better than a Guns 'n Roses tribute band by a long shot. Well done one of best nights I have had down at Tropic'.

Roadhouse - Saturday, March 19th. WOW!!
What a band. Superb musicianship. Great personalities. Two great female singers. Superb guitarists. Really tight drums and bass. Amazing "original" songs plus one or two unbelievable covers!! Bring 'em back soon. That's for sure. Whatever you did last Saturday...... You would have better off at this gig!!!

All Right Now were by far and away (and by quite some margin) the finest Free/Paul Rodgers/Bad Company tribute I've ever seen!! In fact Roy (guitarist) recognised me from when the band had played The New Bull & Butcher for Mr. Feenstra a good two or so years ago (he'd cut his hair since so I hadn't recognised him - fortunately I hadn't cut mine)! Back then they had a different (recent ex-Jeff Beck Band) bassist and singer (ex-Cozy Powell's Forcefield) but were similarly quite superb. Paul Cox's Fire And Water may be super well established but ARN had a far better feel for the music and its delivery in my opinion - the guitar playing (and sounds) were out-of-this-world good! Johnny Warman did real justice to the material (as well as communicating with the audience as only he can) and the rhythm section were super solid and accomplished. Please move heaven and earth to get them back!!

Absolute cracker of a gig on Friday (All Right Now), the best band I have seen in all the visits I have made to your excellent venue, and I have enjoyed quite a few ! Mr Warman was in excellent voice, his passion for the music of Free & Bad Company was obvious, and he was backed by three extremely talented musicians, especially the drummer and guitarist who would grace any stage, coupled with superb sound (well done to Phil) made it a terrific evening -please try to get them back - anytime at all.

Only gripe - the ignorant baskets in the back, left corner of the room, who never stopped rabbiting, despite being asked by one brave sole to let others enjoy the band. Appreciate you do not want to alienate your customers, but perhaps before you announce the band on stage, you should make it clear to everyone, that the room is for music, and if they want to spend the
night chatting (loudly) to their friends, then there is a lounge area just outside the door - they are welcome back in when they wish to actually listen to the band. Many thanks to you all for bringing such fantastic music to the area, week after week - long may you continue. David 

Just to add my comments about the Black Dogz - I thought they were brilliant and I am not even a Led Zep fan and just came along to keep a friend company.  Also really agree with you about the singer though thought all band members were good in their own right.  You'd have no idea that they are a new band.  I'd come again if they played the Tropic.

Really enjoyed The Black Dogz. Singer was excellent as were the rest of the band. Great to see a band not just play the obvious Zeppelin tracks. Looking forward to seeing them again.

Another great gig, I come from Luton to your gigs but well worth the journey. Black Dogz were fantastic and lead guitarist brilliant. Seen 3 gigs now Roxy Magic , Fire and Water, definitely coming back for more 'cos we know the acts you get on are quality.

Absolutely brilliant, as good as the originals I saw play when in their prime. Black Dogz are all very talented musicians, and the singer has got Plant's voice exactly.
Best tribute band I've seen.

Once again a quality set by The Floyd Effect. From the lead singer right through to the backing girls. Thanks to Philip and the team.

The Bonzos were exceptional!

What more can you say about a bunch of talented musicians who are also brilliant comedians and obviously barking!  The people who didn't come for whatever reason missed a gig of a lifetime and as you know I have seen a few.  Philip and team keep pushing the boundaries and I will give you every support I can.

Awesome!  Not only is Larry (Miller) one of the most amazing guitarists I have ever seen but what a great showman and entertainer!  You were right, Phil, probably never a better eight quid spent and I feel privileged to see such an amazing talent in my ‘back yard’ in Ruislip ! Keep up the great work Phil!

PLUS, in response to the above

I must endorse what your 'reviewer' said. Larry Miller is definitely the classiest act we have been fortunate to see at Tropic. That was my third time and each time I wonder why he isn't commanding £50 ticket prices at the mega venues - but I'm delighted from our point of view he isn't! It is like having a Premier League quality striker deciding he wants to play for Wealdstone and not move up the leagues. As my wife says, 'Larry is really too good to be playing venues at this level' which is no criticism of Tropic, of course, but a tribute to those who enable us to be able to see him on our own doorstep. If there is a better gig here than that during 2011, I want to be there!'

Rhapsody was the best band I have seen at Ruislip, (I) sang all the favourite numbers.
 I had a sore throat from singing on Sat Morning

I just wanted to say 'best gig ever' last Friday! Following your birthday party, we went to see The Mods a couple of times in Whetstone. We were so disappointed as they didn't have their usual line up on either occasion. But it was so good to see they were back to full strength last Friday and their former 'tight' (in the musical sense) selves!!  Be sure to let us know when they will be back over Xmas 2011 so we can book early!

Missed the first 10 mins - but as you said, great band, great gig, great crowd, great night - looking forward to replay at Xmas
(The Mods)

Ian Parker 5th December

We came to see the New Amen Corner last night on your recommendation. Can I say that it was one of the best nights we have had at Tropic'. It was like being transported back to the sixties. Great vocals and will definitely down next time they play. Once again many thanks for a great night out.

Went with other half to see Gerry Jablonski + the Electric Band last night thought they were a quality band really tight sound and great musicians  hope they return to Tropic'

Good night was had by all as Bootleg Blondie belted out all the classics and a few lesser known gem's at the Vale last night. As it was my first gig at the Vale I cannot say whether this was a large crowd or not but seemed a reasonable size by 9.30pm as we eagerly awaited the arrival of Ms Harris. I was more than happy with the pre gig music as most seemed to fit the era/style of music to follow and when "Sometimes" by the Stranglers was played....well. My guess as the set starter was proved correct as "Denis, Denis" kicked us off into a very energetic first half which carried a superb mixture of the bands hits and lesser known album tracks.

I didn't think there was much left to do after the break but they carried on in the same vain and over the whole hour and forty or so minutes on stage they crammed in hits such as "the tide is high", "dreaming","union city blue", "atomic", "call me", "pretty baby", "picture this" and many more. Personal fave's were "in the flesh" which I thought she delivered very well and "i'm on e" which was a blast. Also impressed me with a phone microphone for "hanging on the telephone" which was clever and I don't know who else spotted that on the bottom of the phone was a reference to a club in New York(CBGB) where they played early in their career ..nice touch. Only let down for me was "Maria" which sounded a bit strained but all in all great fun and musically the band sounded pretty good. Lead guitarist had a laugh with a couple of wannabee guitarists nearby and a stage invader who managed to nick a kiss off of the drummer. Also noticed a signature of the real drummer for Blondie (Clem Burke) on the kit. Good fun and recommend a visit next time they appear at the "Vale"

Guns 4 Hire, emulating arguably the most 'explosive' hard rock act of the 80s Guns n Roses. Things werent looking good on paper when their usual Axl Rose imposter had to pull out with a personal issue (rather like the real thing then!), so rather than simply throw the towel in, a last minute replacement was flown in from Hungary to front the band. He'd never performed with them before, and you could sense the slight unease in the group, but to say they all raised their game was an understatement. Classics such as 'Paradise City', 'Welcome to the Jungle' 'November Rain' were faithfully reproduced, with the lead singer often charging about in the crowd, popping to the bar for a beer, whilst still performing.

Top stuff, and I must say out of the 6 gigs I've been to, all have been excellent.

I made a decision to go to this and wasn't disappointed. I knew it was going to be a good night when 'Axl Rose' bounded onto stage wearing a 2004 era Hungary football shirt! As already mentioned he flew in from Budapest yesterday just to perform at The Vale with no prior practice with the band (though we only found this out once the gig had started). That makes the show they put on even more impressive, and those that like their music LOUD would have enjoyed it.

Highlight for me was the 9 minute long epic 'November Rain', which is a rock n roll classic. Work commitments mean I can't get to as many of these nights as I want, but those I go to are always enjoyable. As somebody mentioned in jest, "Bring back the line dancing on a Friday night instead!" The words chalk and cheese spring to mind. Long may Tropic at The Vale continue their success story.
Guns 4 Hire)

For all sorts of reasons I haven't made it to Ruislip for a few months but Friday night was worth the wait. Who's Who were brilliant. Fantastic version of Magic Bus to finish on.

What another great performance by a quality tribute band. Samtana were better this time than the last (and then they were brilliant!) I feel sorry for those who missed them (your loss) Looking forward already for their next visit.

Who needs Glastonbury when you've got Samtana at Tropic. Another brilliant show by a great band. I can only echo the review from last years appearance. Absolutely awesome! These guys are so cool and very, very SMOOTH. Looking forward to the next visit. Excellent. N.B.

As usual, Never The Bride put in a fantastic performance last week and I've put some photos from the gig on my website which you're welcome to link to if you wish.


Thanks for getting them back to Ruislip.

What an excellent band! Rhapsody were musically brilliant. Our friends and I had a great evening - slightly marred by the pre-gig football match//Band were excellent, another good night at RSC//A great night. The band were brilliant last night. 

Thanks for another fantastic Friday night, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get Deeply Purple back ASAP, as the seven friends I was due to bring along all had other commitments (holidays etc), and it wasn't until 7pm last night that I managed to find two other friends to come along - these were non-rock fans who weren't sure about coming along but were both blown away by the brilliance of Deeply Purple and who can't wait to see them again (another 2 converted!). Thanks again for a fantastic night, what a great way to start the Bank Holiday weekend! Those beautiful babes The Almaboobies were also brilliant, a great warm-up for Deeply Purple (Are you sure that wasn't Ritchie Blackmore playing guitar last night?!)

Deeply Purple were absolutely brilliant. The best "Purple" band I've ever seen. Top show with great support from rock chicks Almaboobies. Good time had by all!

The Pat McManus Band (Ireland), delivered one of the most professional and convincing evenings of guitar led, original Hard Rock/Heavy Blues that it has been my privilege to witness ever. Lovers of 1970's/1980's hard rockers such as Micheal Schenker, Gary Moore and Pat Travers would have loved this gig!! Pat threw in a spellbinding acoustic reading of Rory Gallagher's "Return Of The G Man", to boot. Those that missed this show should be ashamed of themselves - they missed the proverbial musical boat big time!! Darren Wisdom

Last Friday was the sixth time that I've seen New Amen Corner over the years, and it was great to see that they are finally garnering the audience numbers and very enthusiastic response commensurate with their wonderful performances. If there is a 1960's band on the circuit that does a finer job of tributing this Summer Of Love era of music then I've yet to see/hear them. Darren Wisdom

Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you all for a great night  Friday for the Roxy Magic night. The band were great and really made it a fantastic night. I travelled down from Luton to visit and must say were made really welcome, and all your bar staff are fantastic. Your club house brought back some memories with all the Wealdstone FC pictures as I used to live near Harrow back in the day. anyway thanks for a wonderful night and keep up the good work, cos you cant beat live music nights.

What a fantastic weekend of music at the Tropic. Just a shame there were not more people around.

Friday night brought back the brilliant and thoroughly entertaining Larry Miller, a must see in my book, both for the music, and the between song chat. Whatever he's on, I want some!

Sunday night was a revelation. I knew nothing of Storm Warning until then, and was blown away by them. Bought a couple of CDs and can't stop playing them. Those that stayed at home missed a real treat, and I hope you get them back soon (on a Friday) with a big audience. They deserve it.

I was taking photos at the Larry Miller gig, so here's the link for you to take a peek

Keep up the good work.

Another absolutely fantastic performance by Stray. They were brilliant and played many of their great old classics and also many of their new songs from the superb Valhalla album. To make the evening even more memorable, Pete Dyer who joined Stray after Steve Gadd left in mid 70's joined Del, Stuart and Karl on stage to sang 'Percy the Pimp' which went down a storm. We will of course be at the Tropic again in July.....could Steve Gadd turn up and sing Suicide??? Martin

Fire & Water - Les Paul guitars & Marshall Amps, great rhythm section and top it off with the superb vocals of Paul Cox (he's still 'got it')!! It's enough to bring a tear to the eye...

Now that really was a GREAT night (A short but sweet review of Fire and Water!)

Saw Fire and Water last night. A great band from start to finish. Having never seen Zeppelin live it was great to hear their music played so well and great vocals considering there is only one Robert Plant. Thanks to all at the Tropic for another great night. Mark.

Thanx yet again ! to George , Philip and the tropic crew. The Hamsters were excellent, not their normal stuff but an enjoyable night, great friendly crowd as usual, brilliant service (and beer!). Hope to see y'all soon. John (and the boys and girls from The Swallow)

Space Ritual Gig Review

Just a few lines to say that I really enjoyed seeing the amazing Gerry Jablonski last Sunday at The Tropic. From a quiet, pretty unassuming start, Gerry and his band proceeded to rock the socks off everyone present with some great original Blues/Rock songs, guitar playing and showmanship. Superb harp playing also from Peter Narojczyk, and rock solid foundation from expert rhythm section of Gregor Leslie (bass) and ex-Robin Bibi Band drummer, Dave Innes. I must admit that I had never heard of Gerry Jablonski before that night but I want to say that they really played the club gig as if it were a stadium show. I would definitely see them again, no question! Darren Wisdom

(The Floyd Effect) Absolutely superb from start to finish. Every band member playing their part from musicians to the backing girls. What a great night of music. A great tribute to the Floyd. Please get them back again because the only fault was it had to end. Thanks. Mark.

Hi. Just seen "The Kilborn Alley Blues Band" on Sunday night. What a great live band. Thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the music. Can you get them back preferably on a Friday as a few beers would have gone down well not having to get up for work on Saturday morning. I know they don't live round the corner and it maybe difficult to get them back, but more people need to see this band. Love the live music.

This was Ed Deane's Blues Power trio in full on mode.
What an awesome tone from Ed's vintage Fender Blues Deville combo and superb mastery of the different guitars played and a voice to match.
This was solidly backed up by John Querney (Bass & Vocals) and Noel Bridgeman (Drums & Vocals).
A memorable performance in front of a small crowd, (due to the engineering works closing both the tube lines to Ruislip station).
I hope that we get another chance to see them again and show the band what a great atmosphere there is in a packed Tropic.

Another awesome performance from Stray! If any Tropic customers haven't yet witnessed 'young' Del, I would urge them to do so next March, you will not be sorry!

(Ben Waters) An excellent evening. What a superb musician – easily the best you’ve had there (from those I've seen so far). Thanks for organising it.

from the paper, click on image to read/enlarge

Thanks again for another brilliant night of music @ Tropic (Friday, 9th. October) Samtana are like sunshine on a cloudy day and played a fabulous set of classic SANTANA music, which leaves you with a warm glow inside.

The purity of tone and precision soloing of the guitarist "Carlos" was a joy to behold, as was the muscular drumming and powerhouse percussion playing. The singer was great also, with terrific dynamic presence, and being able to double on sax was a big bonus. The multi rhythms were anchored by a solid and pulsating bass, the line-up being augmented by some stylish
Hammond organ grooves.

The set itself centred primarily around the first three SANTANA albums - "SANTANA", "ABRAXAS" and "SANTANA 3" and gave us superb renditions of SE A CABO, OYE COMO VA, TOUSSAINT L'OVERTURE and a personal mid-point high point of the peerless SAMBA
PA TI (Samba For You). Famous SANTANA covers included BLACK MAGIC WOMAN (Fleetwood Mac), SHE'S NOT THERE (Zombies) and the not so well known THEM CHANGES (Jimi Hendrix & Band of Gypsies). Later mid period SANTANA was represented by LET THE CHILDREN PLAY (from FESTIVAL) and the set closer was a storming SOUL SACRIFICE, which was an absolute percussion tour-de-force!

The encore was JINGO and SMOOTH which perfectly encapsulated the 'ancient & modern' (1st Album & Supernatural).

To summarise this was an excellent gig played to a small, but knowledgeable and highly appreciative audience (bring your friends next time - they missed a treat!) It was marvellous to see a BAND that loves playing the music we all love.

LOVE MUSIC, LOVE SAMTANA! 10/10. Highly Recommended.

I was a Never The Bride "virgin" until last Friday. What an incredible band. They put their whole being into their performances.

I purchased their DVD on the way out and played it the following day. What a great souvenir to add to my ever growing collection of top live music DVD's.

Thanks again for another awesome evening of entertainment with Never The Bride last Friday. The Tropic has certainly raised the bar with Larry Miller last week and Never The Bride this week, the gigs just get better.

I wonder why I had never heard of the band until recently, but am pleased that I have finally lost my Never The Bride virginity. They say you never forget your first time, and I don't think I will :-0

I took a few photos again, and have made them available online here

Keep up the great work.

Thought the band were excellent, first time seeing them and certainly lived up to my expectations would see them again (Never The Bride)

Just a short email to say..............................................
HOW GOOD WAS LARRY MILLER!!!  Excellent stage presence, brilliant guitar playing, superb drums and bass. Great atmosphere. I cannot wait for the return. Get the picture?? Get them back real soon.
Certainly one of, if not THE, best band to appear at the Tropic since it opened.

Absolutely loved the gig at last Friday, Larry Miller & the band were on fire. Had seen them briefly once before supporting Walter Trout so thought I'd take a better look, and was well pleased that I did.

A was taking photos at the gig and have put some of the better ones on my website. Thought you may like to see them, so if you're interested, take a look here

Thanks for a great evening of entertainment last Friday, and hopefully I'll be just as happy after Never The Bride this Friday.

You have excelled yourselves yet again! what a superb evening !!!!!!!!!

Larry Miller is one of the best blues guitarists I have seen for a very long time, what a showman!! Big respect to the support band, (The Flying Squad) when they did the Wilco era numbers I was totally gobsmacked. Thank you for this, love to see them again.

Loved it loved it loved it!!! (Absolute Bowie)

Halloween Jack gives an awesome performance, capturing the true sound and essence of Bowie.
The playlist takes you through a brief (I say brief, had they played ALL the hits we'd have been there for days!) musical history tour of 30-odd years, the fab costume changes helping along the way.

If you are a Space Oddity, Hunky Dory or a Queen Bitch - you'll not be disappointed!

Fantastic gig, once again! Great sound, great look, great legs!!!!
My sister & bro-in-law travelled down from Milton Keynes on our recommendation (having seen Absolute Bowie last time at Tropic) and were not disappointed. This was a great accolade to the band, the organisation and the venue as they had recently been to see Ultimate Bowie at the Stables! They were really impressed and will be coming back soon to see Samtana!
I hope I can sleep tonight and not have 'China Girl' still going round my head!

You can read a full review of the Beached Boys gig here (links to external site)

SURFS UP !! What a fantastic gig on Friday. The band were superb, really entertaining, and the joint was a rockin' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all came away with that "feelgood factor" It just gets better and better each week. (shame I forgot my surf board) Keep music live!!!! Cheers
JB (and the ladies from Marlow)

 (Beached Boys).

Thanks for a lovely evening last night. We all had such fun and will definitely be back. The Band were great and even put up with extra members on stage how fantastic were they? (Beached Boys).

Ian Terry & Blues Joe X really did the business onstage. The Joe X sound really captured Hendrix on a small stage & Ian Terry produced some great vintage guitar work. Mac Poole is a master drummer. Look forward to more of the roots - from time to time!

I suspect that a full house with tribute bands help make the other gigs possible & so hopefully numbers will increase for the 'musician's musicians' gigs.

hi, George, Philip and crew. BRILLIANT GIG !!!!!!!!!!!!  Ian Terry was absolutely superb
Mac Poole and Blues Joe X were equally as entertaining. More of the same please

Just a few words regarding the New Amen Corner gig which I had the pleasure of attending with five friends.

I offer the opinion that this band are without doubt one of the very best of their type on the circuit.

They manage to wow the audience with amazing versions of the late 60's period ('67/'69), but without touching on any Beatles, Rolling Stones or Who material!

In lead singer Glen Leon they have probably the finest new vocalist I have personally witnessed in the last decade. Who needs Andy Fairweather Low??!!

The high level of musicianship throughout the band is evident, and my friends and I will certainly return to The Tropic (in a bigger crowd) when they inevitably return.

They deserved a bigger audience. Believe me, next time they'll get one.

Who's Who were great, I've seen them a few times and they were better on your slightly larger stage than they have been in the Horns or Half Moon. They seemed happier too. Anyway all-in-all, a bloody good night. Especially when, at the end, Gary mentioned the bloke who was nagging them about Magic Bus because that was me.

Hi, George, Philip and the crew. What an excellent gig! (Who's Who) Thanx yet again for a superb evening the drummer had moon the loon off to a tee. See y'all at the Beached Boys. 

Hi, just a short note to thank you for an absolutely brilliant gig on Friday!
I've followed The Hamsters for more than 10 years and this was one of the very best I've seen!!!!

For those who really appreciate great musicians, this was a gig not to be missed as the music and sound quality was superb. The group were in a top league of there own and their version of '555' was great. Look forward to more appearances. Max. (Geriant Watkins/Robbie McIntosh)

Just a brief line to say how much we enjoyed Samtana's performance. They were excellent and a true rendition in the Santana style. Thank you both for organising this event. Paul

Just a few lines to thank you both for having the awesome Dizzy Lizzy perform at The Tropic last Friday. I am no stranger to Lizzy tributes (having followed Limehouse Lizzy since their inception) and have also crossed paths with the brilliant "H" fronting his band Dizzy Lizzy a few times over the years. Never have I seen such a dynamic and full-blooded tribute to the late, great Philip Parris Lynott and Thin Lizzy (and I am including The Scott Gorham led, "Thin Lizzy" of latter day in that assessment). Please, please get them back!!

A bit late but I thought I would drop you a line and thank you for booking Stray. I saw Del and his original line up many times in the 70's and a few years back with Mountain in Milton Keynes. The gig at Tropic was awesome (and loud!) and took me back many years. It was truly a night to remember, just a pity that there weren't more to witness and appreciate a classic performance of some old and some new material. (Slightly edited)

Paper piece on Paul Young and Los Pacaminos

Good venue, easy to find, friendly staff, cheap prices! First visit to the club and really enjoyed, what great value for money. Wingsbanned were superb and we are rebooking for Who's Who, increasing our numbers from 4 to 7! For us Brentford fans the highlight was Hey Jude at the end of the gig and a fine prelude to promotion the next day! Very friendly atmosphere, nice cheap round, as mentioned will be back!

We really enjoyed the Stray gig last night. And what a great venue - room for lots more and everyone really friendly. A great atmosphere. And, yes, we'll be there again !!!

Just thought you'd like to know.......a friend of mine went to The Beached Boys gig, and was still grinning from ear to ear about the appearance of "the interloper" on Easter Monday !!! Not only that he was there, but that he performed for a good 20 mins !

I just wanted to let you know that we attended the Beached Boys gig on Friday and that it was our first visit to Tropic at Ruislip.   We would like you to know what a fantastic evening we had!  The atmosphere was terrific and the band excellent  -   we will definitely be visiting again. Thank you !!!

The Beached Boys: - Wow, what a fantastic night, we are all still surfing this morning. Still telling our friends about the ‘unfortunate’ appearance of one of the real Beach Boys (pic. below, David Marks far left). Thanks for being there, it was a great night all round.

Touch2Much (now called AC DC UK) From the "death metal" voice announcing something momentous about to happen and the arresting off-stage guitar riffs, we were captivated! What a tribute, what a band!

They engaged the audience from the very first note and held us in thrall for two blissful hours until the final chords of "Highway To Hell" faded away.

In every way, this was a perfect gig; the Band put on a magnificent performance - the lead guitarist was enviably athletic, moving easily from stage to table-top, around the bar and through the audience, without missing a note, altogether awe-inspiring; the singer delivered an inspired selection of excellent songs; rhythm and bass guitarists and the drummer were masters of their instruments and lent the very best support to vocals. Their collective enjoyment of their musicianship was communicated to the audience throughout and made the whole evening a wonderful experience.

Those of us who felt cheated when "The Rayners" was closed are thrilled to find a local music venue - thank you and long may "Tropic" reign!

Sorry I was unable to use the individual names of the Band members, the system I am able to use doesn't allow in-depth research - my apologies, gentlemen, you were magnificent!

Congratulations and thanks for a great show Friday 3rd April. "Touch2Much" are the best AC/DC  tribute band I've ever seen. They worked hard, played hard, and really rocked the joint! A very professional set covered the whole spectrum of the AC/DC catalogue, and a highly energetic performance caught the true essence of the band. They were great fun and hugely entertaining and they don't take themselves too seriously! Well done Daz and the boys.

Hope to see them here again. Highly Recommended. (Touch too Much are now AC/DC - UK).


Had to e-mail you and say what a fantastic gig it was last Friday (Juicy Lucy). For all the people that were not there they don't know what they missed.

The guitar solos were the most creative I've ever seen. His technique and style was amazing. If this wasn't enough the drum solo was incredible and all this held together with a great bass player. I'll defiantly being seeing them again. PH.

(Absolute Bowie) Probably the best covers band we've seen! Please let us know when these guys are next coming to Ruislip?

Great to have live music back locally.....V

Can I just say what I great time we had at Absolute Bowie on Friday...They were Absolutely Brilliant. You must get them to play again... I'm sure that there will be a much bigger crowd next time around ....

Keep up the good work....M

Absolute Bowie recorded at Ruislip

The Small Fakers are one of the very best tribute bands I have ever seen
They play the classic songs with real passion and energy & you can tell they genuinely love playing them.

Difficult songs like Tin Soldier, Rene and Here Comes the Nice were incredibly good and each member of the band are excellent musicians. Great rich deep Hammond organ, raunchy guitar, Stabbing bass guitar, pounding drums & great vocals.
I cannot wait to see them again at The Tropic.

Tropic Is a great venue & good to see live bands on a Friday night again. D

Had a great time at The Small Fakers gig last night. Excellent band and they faithfully reproduced The Small Faces songs and their look. Its good to see 4 young lads that much into The Small Faces and 60's music and they put on a good show. All it lacked was a Stanley Unwin style figure on a wicker chair in the corner of the stage but you cant have everything.

I'm sure Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane are looking down and are rightly proud of them.

Had a few beers and got in at about 1am so it was a good night all in all. About 100 people (6-10 or so Stones) present and they all seemed to enjoy it.

Just had my breakfast and my Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake has gone down very nicely thank you.

Thanks to Tropic for putting on a good show, Mike Kane for lighting and Pete Worby and the usual suspects, Pauline, Drew, Babs etc for doing the bar.

(The above comment was lifted form the Wealstone FC message board and very very slightly edited)


Just to say had a great night last night and congrats to you and George for putting on such a well organised event. We will be back!

Thanks for the great gig tonight!  Hope the Rollin' Stoned will be back again soon!  Looking forward to attending lots more gigs at your great venue.  The people were friendly, the entrance price good, the drinks were a good price and the food afterwards was appreciated.  Thanks again!  Sorry we can't make it next week for the Fakers - they are great and hope they will be back again soon too.   J


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